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MOBILE FRIENDLY 3RD 1080x675 - 4 Most Use Mobile Responsive Plugin for Wordpress Blog

4 Most Use Mobile Responsive Plugin for WordPress Blog

In the world of massive using of mobile phone today making your wordpress blog responsive is essential. To be mobile-friendly and responsive means you want your site not only to load fast, but it also must be easy to navigate, text must be easy to read, pictures must load correctly, and forms should submit properly. […]

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How to Setup Your Blog RSS Feed With MailChimp | Complete Step

In this tutorial we are going to show you how to setup you RSS FEED using MailChimp. Let take for instant that you have setup your mail list and get subcriber and you want to send them your post update automatically when you post or update your post. In this tutorial let understand what is […]

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SEO tips

10 SEO Blog Post Publishing Steps that Most Bloggers Forget

  As I get started with blogging, I think it’s as simple as clicking, “Add New Post,” typing up a few paragraphs, adding any picture and clicking, “Publish.” to get it public  and definitely wait for organic  traffic, comments, and tweets. No one comes. No one comments. No one tweets. But I discover my mistake when […]

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Social Media - Ultimate ways to use photo to improve your online Presence

Ultimate ways to use photo to improve your online Presence

Images have become the trand of social media. While writing is still important, it’s trusly clear that majority of people focus on image more than writen word .It images that get people to pay attention to the written word. If you still aren’t sure how to use images to increase your online presence, here are […]

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2016 02 08 google adsense21 - How to Add Google Adsense Code In Your Wordpress Blog Without Plugins

How to Add Google Adsense Code In Your WordPress Blog Without Plugins

 It was very difficult to add google adsense on my blog after when i get approve by google and how to use AdSense dashboard, and how to add it on my blog. When it comes to WordPress, there are many plugins like Whytodowork AdSense, Quick AdSense, WP WQADS which will let you quickly integrate ads at your desire […]

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images 3 - Top 22 Best Chrome Extension for Blogger

Top 22 Best Chrome Extension for Blogger

The are many internet browser on online to measure there is no want like chrome browser , It has so many feature to make your browser more fun and efficient  which are extension it install thousand of extension What is Chrome Extension Extensions are small software programs that customize the browsing experience. They enable users to […]

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related post

Review Of Best Related Posts WordPress Plugin

One of the simplest way you can keep your reader busy and  decrease the bounce rate of your blog  is by helping your readers to  take an action after reading the post or to find related content or post on your blog. The simple way to achieve this is by using related post plugin and adding a related […]

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push notification

Push Notification Configuration Using One Signal Service: Complete Guide

In this article I will show you how to set up a push notification using one signal plugin and service. for you to have steady traffic and return reader or follower for you blog you need push notification to keep or to notify you old visitor about you new update or post But before we […]

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959IURDRGJ - How to Summit Your Wordpress Site to Google Webmaster Tool

How to Summit Your WordPress Site to Google Webmaster Tool

In other for site to get  organic and free traffic , you need to summit your site, be it blog or business site you. In this article I will show you how to summit your blog to google webmaster tool using free plugin. But before I take you to the tutorial I will like to […]

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header and footer plugin

How to Install Header And footer Plugin and Configure It: Beginners Guide

It is not easy to add code in the header and footer of a wordpress theme if you are not a programmer and theme developer but it is an easy way to do that without coding or changing a code To solve this problem, and make it simple to  the beginners, we use a custom […]

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