Tips On How To Get Traffic To A New Blog: Beginners Guide

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Most of the newbie bloggers quit their blogging just because they don’t see any traffic from their blogs or the see what they expects when they join . Even who have started their blogging career long time ago don’t see much improvement  in their traffic.


Because they don’t follow few tips which has to be followed to get traffic to a new blog.

How can any blogger Get Traffic to A New Blog?

Though there are many ways to Get Traffic to A New Blog, the most important factor is NETWORK. The more network you have the more traffic you’ll get. WHAT I MEANT BY NETWORK IS YOUR MANY WAYS OF ENGAGEMENT IN OTHER SITE LIKE:

Why I’m mentioning only these four sites is because, it’s easy to spread your word and follow other bloggers easily using this social media sites and get traffic to a new blog.

Following are some EXCEPTIONAL ways to bring traffic to a new blog (0r) any blog.

1. Blog Comments:

Comment on top blogs in your niche try to be the first 5 commenters. so that you will get notice by the follow commenters

Tips: Subscribe to their RSS feeds.

Don’t spam their blogs by writing one liners like say “nice post or thank you for sharing” Add value to your comments and try to explain the benefit of that post what you learn from it

If you want to get traffic daily this is the best way to go.

Type “your niche + blog” in google to know which are the top blogs in your niche.blogging blogs to read and drop your comment.Example: “blogging + blog”

2. Connect with others using Social media like facbook and hupages

Join Facebook Groups the are some facebook groups that has billions of member try and search on your nich and Promote yourself out there.. BTW facebook alone can giving you 100+ leads daily .  So don’t neglect bringing Facebook traffic to your blog.

You may find it difficult in the beginning but when you start promoting others content and when you connect to  other successful blogger on Facebook, it becomes very easy

Twitter: Follow top bloggers in your niche and follow their followers. This is the simple yet effective way of increasing your targeted twitter followers. Once you have done this, you can tweet your new articles and ask your followers to retweet it.

3. Video Marketing:

Create a short and descriptive video and add your blog link at the starting

Submit them to YouTube, metacafe and others

Tools to use: Use Screenr and ispring free cam to create free videos

4. Spend time on writing detailed articles.

Never assume that you can bring quality traffic without much efforts. this is what i think when I first to join blogging world.

You need to differentiate yourself with others to become successful yes, if you see others successful blogger the do some different from the crowd . It takes time to create content, I agree but you shouldn’t spend whole time creating only normal or average 600 words posts.

Spend time to create great content.

Write detailed posts with 1000 or 1500+ words once in a while. If you’re not a full time blogger like me, at least try to create detailed posts once or twice a month.

So that you can grab others attention and you can show your blogging expertise to your readers if you want to gain trues.

4. Don’t forget SEO

SEO is the importance factor to be consider if you want to get traffic from search engine, when I start blogging most of my traffic was on search and social site

You need to focus on what keywords to use and how much keyword density you should maintain in your content to get search engine traffic to your blog.

It’s extremely important to bring organic  traffic to your blog. Because it’s free and highly effective!

Make sure that you’re not keyword stuffing your content. It makes your readers hard to understand your content

And do proper keyword analysis before you’re writing the articles. Then embed them into your posts. If you’re a beginner then this is enough! Don’t go beyond, you’ll better understand about SEO when you’re spending more time on blogging.

Conclusion Tips

Always try to share your blog content on social media and retweet and promote your fellow bloggers before asking them to promote your content. This can make others to promote your content sooner or later and you will have high chances of getting their attention if they find it useful.

So, focus on building a network by blog commenting, writing great stuff and social media networking using above tips.

I am sure this post help you to get traffic to your new blog as a new blogger. if you know other ways of driving traffic to you a new blog please drop your comment below

Ubong Eshiet

Author: Ubong Eshiet

Ubong Eshiet serial entrepreneur, a professional blogger and internet marketer, wordpress Developer and a passionate blogger and from Nigeria

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